chocolate bars
chocolate bar


Almonds Kernels 400g
Almonds California (with shell) 300g
Almonds Paper Shell 200g
Cashew Kernels350g
Pistachio Kernels (Peshawari)400g
Pistachio Kernels (Iranian) 400g
Pistachio Roasted (with shell) 300g
Hazelnut Kernels400g
Pine Nuts Kernels 400g
Pine Nuts (with shell)300g
Walnuts Kernels250g
Green Raisins400g
Golden Raisins400g
Black Raisins400g
Blueberries 400g

  • #Shelf Life 9 Months
  • Allergen information: all products made in faclity handling nuts, dairy, soya.

Raw Nuts Manufacturers & Suppliers

Windsor Chocolatier engage to supplying so many verity of Raw Nuts such like Almonds Kernels, Almonds California, Cashew Kernels, Pine Nuts Kernels, Green Raisins, Apricot and so many. Raw nuts and seeds are loaded and full of nutrients like protein, fiber, many vitamins, many minerals, essential fatty acids, and healthy fats and oils etc. A lot of nuts that have been labeled as �raw� are actually not raw. In other words, they are not roasted or baked. Most of the nuts produced for commercial purposes are steamed or roasted out to remove their shells.

The Raw nuts have been known to assist in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and help in reducing the other cardiovascular diseases, improve heart health, bone density, aid regulating blood glucose or sugar levels, maintain hormone levels etc. Nuts and seeds are also known for their powerful antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory ingredients, that aid in neutralizing the free radical damages and promotes cellular renewal time to time. They improve colon health and also encourage detoxification and elimination of body wastes.

They are a powerhouse and are incredibly versatile with enormous potential � they are used for providing the stir-fries and salads, making milk, butter, dips, spreads, creams, and sauces etc.

Windsor Chocolatier focusing to supply bulk raw nuts because we are also a Raw Nuts Manufacturers & Supplier in Delhi NCR & known for supplies of commercially produced nuts including region Gurgaon and Noida also.

However, there are many Raw Nuts Manufacturers & Supplier in Delhi NCR that adhere to best of the standards of production, we maintain the same quality in our Raw Nuts products also & we focus to maintaining the raw properties of the nuts.

An ISO 22000 HACCP Compliant firm


  • FSSAI - LIC.-10018064001601




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