The Windsor Chocolatier are new masters of the art of chocolate making since 2013. We have learnt, developed and refined secret recipes driven by passion for creative excellence following Rule of 7

Windsor is a brand created by Rhea, an ambitious entrepreneur from business family EASTMAN GROUP. Having learnt chocolate making from celebrated chocolatiers from over 15 countries, she brings in chocolate making to India.

Today Indians are travelling overseas like never before so there is a large population who is aware and looking for high-end Gourmet Foods.

We prize human skill over machine perfection. Individual human flair and creativity cannot be bettered by mechanised mass production.

We in India are used to our "Favourite Chocolate" which contains very little cocoa, heavily loaded with sugar, vegetable fats and artificial vanillin. Unfortunately this is a Taste the world has come to associate with chocolate, it is not chocolate but Candy. You may start to reject once you taste real couverture chocolate. The real chocolate is expensive and so is candy.

If sciences were ranked according to their degree of difficulty physics would be easiest, biology and life science most difficult. Humans are used to calibrated measuring instruments but man's sense of taste has no measurement. That is why we apply art to combine tastes in a subtle manner to obtain "Harmonious Master Creations".

An ISO 22000 HACCP Compliant firm


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